We believe we have a unique mixture of general experience and specific expertise which provides a number of advantages to our clients. We are large enough to provide necessary representation and advice in the even of an emergency, but small enough so that clients know that they are each important and that their problems will not be lost in the bureaucracy found in larger law firms.


Attorneys in the Employment Law group devote their time to the representation of public and private sector employers in connection with problems associated with the employer-employee relationships. Their work involves substantial contact with numerous governmental agencies, including the Michigan Employment Relations Commission, the Teacher Tenure Commission, the Michigan Department of Civil Rights, the Department of Labor, the National Labor Relations Board, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Bureau of Worker’s Disability Compensation.


In coordination with our Litigation group, our attorneys engage in a considerable amount of trial work, both in administrative settings and in state and federal courts. This work includes the defense of clients against unfair labor practice charges, grievance arbitration, wrongful termination and employment discrimination lawsuits.


As part of their representation of clients, attorneys in the Employment Law group play an active role in the negotiation of many collective bargaining agreements and in the formal and informal resolution of employee disputes. They negotiate more than two dozen labor contracts in an average year and frequently represent employers in grievance arbitration cases concerning employee discipline and discharge as well as issues of contract interpretation. In addition, they routinely handle union representation, decertification and deauthorization elections.


Other members of the firm devote much of their time to tax, ERISA and pension law issues which often interrelate with the labor problems which clients face.


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