Condominium Development

Giarmarco, Mullins & Horton has recognized that our planning, financing and marketing issues have brought condominiums, planned unit developments and mixed use projects into the forefront of modern real estate practice.  The condominium regime is now applied as a means to finesse land division limitations, provide a means for “in kind’ distribution of vertical properties to investors and to even allow creative financing of different parts of a unified project.  Whether you are converting a current use to a condominium format, such as an office building, retail center or apartment complex, face problems with land division issues, are building “traditional” attached housing, or developing building sites in a site condominium project our condominium practice group has the in depth experience and practical knowledge to assist you on any type of common interest ownership project such as new urbanism communities, cluster housing projects and mixed use developments.  We have in depth knowledge and experience on land division issues in all their myriad forms, including plat amendments and replat expertise.   We can provide you with documentation and counsel on any size common interest ownership project, from  high rise residential projects to a horizontal site condominium land development and from a duplex conversion to a retail residential mixed use community.   Our practice group is also the local leader in cooperative housing blanket loan and cooperative share loan lending matters.



Condominium Development Attorneys


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