December 2017:

  • Represent Buyer in acquiring 75% stake in SEO/marketing company
  • Advise client in possible acquisition of partner’s interest in real estate LLC
  • Business start-up (residential real estate and management company)
  • Business planning – transition of business from founders to children

November 2017:

  • Negotiate employment agreement for psychologist (Birmingham, MI practice)
  • Represent borrower in renegotiation of loans with Comerica Bank ($13MM)
  • Represent seller in sale of business to regional buyer (tooling industry; $35+MM)
  • Represent Seller in sale of vacant land (Clarkston)

October 2017:

  • Create exit strategy for retiring physician (operations and real estate)
  • Represent franchisee in lease negotiations with landlord
  • Represent seller in intellectual property sale transaction
  • Represent buyer in purchase of medical office building (8,000 SF)

September 2017:

  • Assist client with purchase of small medical office building
  • Advise CEO on contract negotiations with employer (stock options)
  • Assist client with purchase of cottage on land contract
  • Advise client on developing inventory of property, and creating plan for transferring property to trusts

August 2017:

  • Assist client in sale of business to children (business and real estate)
  • Represent client in licensing of parking lot to adjoining business
  • Represent borrower in refinancing of aircraft ($1.75M, Bank of the Ozarks)
  • Assist client with sale of residential property on land contract

July 2017:

  • Represent purchaser in acquiring controlling interest in e-marketing company
  • Represent seller in sale of business to regional buyer ($9.5M – oil & gas)
  • Represent buyer in purchase of commercial property, and development of condos
  • Represent seller in sale of business to regional buyer ($1.5M – insurance)

June 2017:

  • Reorganize family LLC and business to include 3 sons
  • Represent regional medical tenant in negotiation of 2 new office leases (Chicago area)
  • Represent condominium association in dispute with homeowners
  • Represent tenant in renewing existing lease with landlord

May 2017:

  • Assist owner of commercial property with defeasance transaction
  • Represent independent contractor in negotiating consulting agreement
  • Represent company in loan to officer
  • Assist client with application of appeal to health insurance company

April 2017:

  • Assist client landlord in renting apartment overlooking Central Park in NYC
  • Represent private lender in loan to downtown Detroit startup company
  • Represent client in business startup venture (steel forming and cutting)
  • Represent client in new food venture (food truck)

March 2017:

  • Represent borrower in obtaining line of credit from Grow Michigan, LLC
  • Represent buyer in purchase of residential property
  • Advise business owner (construction industry) on amendments to form general contracting agreement
  • Represent specialty grocer in renewal of lease with landlord

February 2017:

  • Represent borrower in obtaining line of credit from Comerica Bank
  • Represent borrower in refinancing loan obligations to take out partner
  • Work with family foundation to draft standard documentation for programming
  • Represent mobile home park owner in dispute with city and property manager

January 2017:

  • Conversion of partnership to LLC; sale of real estate
  • Represent purchaser in acquisition of real estate (industrial)
  • Advise general contractor on agreement with owner
  • Sale of business (technology sector) to regional private equity group

December 2016:

  • Begin work with large bio-medical company in preparation for sale of business
  • Advise client on ownership structure of several large land tracts in Clare County, Michigan
  • Assist client in buyout of partner in real property venture
  • Advise general contractor in dispute with owner ($5MM project)

November 2016:

  • Represent purchaser in acquisition of light industrial property in Utica
  • Assist client in assembling ownership team and corporate structure for new real property venture
  • Advise large city with respect to certain real property and possible development
  • Represent seller in sale of family cottage

October 2016:

  • Work with client to position company for sale (technology sector)
  • Restructuring of privately owned real property to decrease liability concerns
  • Advise client on possible condominium project near Rochester Hills
  • Act as local counsel for large refinance ($100M+) and prepare opinion letters

September 2016:

  • Represent client in purchase of large residence in Bloomfield Hills
  • Represent owner of parking facility in downtown Detroit with lease renegotiation
  • Represent client in dispute with business broker
  • Sale of business (healthcare sector) to large, regional private equity group

August 2016:

  • Startup project for new client (bulk purchase and sale of residential property)
  • Represent tenant in lease for retail space (downtown Birmingham)
  • Represent LLC in loan transaction with member
  • Work with longstanding client on comprehensive updates to governing documents

July 2016:

  • Represent seller in sale of building, and subsequent 1031 exchange
  • Represent borrower in loan transaction with family member ($250,000.00)
  • Represent purchaser of commercial building in downtown Royal Oak
  • Work with multi-national client on updating minute books for all subsidiaries

June 2016:

  • Prepare general contractor’s agreement for large construction project
  • Represent landowner in negotiation of easement agreement
  • Represent landlord/owner in sale/lease-back transaction
  • Prepare disclosure schedules and ancillary documents for sale of business transaction

May 2016:

  • Advise client on real estate matters in context of estate planning
  • Represent commercial borrower in loan transaction (Comerica)
  • Represent doctor group in acquisition of medical office building
  • Represent landlord in negotiating lease extension agreement

April 2016:

  • Represent homeowner in dispute with builder
  • Represent trustee in sale of trust assets (real property)
  • Advise borrower in refinance with bank (Fifth Third)
  • Advise bank on options with respect to defaulted loan

March 2016:

  • Negotiate and prepare lease amendment for large anchor tenant
  • Represent vendor in land contract sale (residential)
  • Represent buyer in purchase of medical office building
  • Assist client with business succession planning

February 2016:

  • Represent seller in sale of pizza franchise
  • Represent seller in IRS section 1031 exchange
  • Represent tenant in dispute with landlord (medical office)
  • Advise large corporation on use of drones for commercial purposes

January 2016:

  • Represent buyer in purchase of commercial parcel (Auburn Hills)
  • Advise client on proposed loan documents (Wells Fargo)
  • Assist client with potential boundary dispute
  • Represent client in sale of small business (financial services)

December 2015:

  • Represent buyer in purchase of large residential home
  • Represent new member in negotiating admission agreement
  • Comprehensive update of corporate minute book for large corporation
  • Assist client with transfer of ownership of LLC membership interests to third party buyer

November 2015:

  • Represent tenant in lease negotiation (medical office building)
  • Prepare cross-indemnification agreement for medical group
  • Represent borrower in refinancing transaction with 5/3 Bank
  • Represent lender regarding forbearance agreement with borrower

October 2015:

  • Represent large medical billing company in dispute with customer (nonpayment)
  • Represent landlord in eviction action (nonpayment)
  • Draft Motion for partial Summary Disposition in business litigation case

September 2015:

  • Represent landlord in negotiation and drafting of office lease (anchor tenant)
  • Prepare purchase agreement and land contract for sale of premium residential home
  • Represent new member in admission to existing company

August 2015:

  • Prepare subcontracting agreements for large auto supplier
  • Negotiate and prepare medical office lease on behalf of landlord (premium hospital tenant)
  • Represent purchaser in sale of industrial building
  • Assist lender in Article 9 sale of personal property

July 2015:

  • Advise landlord in lease negotiation
  • Represent borrower in CMBS loan transaction
  • Prepare Motion for Summary Disposition on behalf of lender in dispute with borrower
  • Represent Trustee in administration of duties under Irrevocable Trust Agreement

June 2015:

  • Prepare Asset Purchase Agreement for sale of medical practice
  • Local Counsel: Prepare Opinion Letter in CMBS loan transaction (subject property located in Michigan)
  • Represent dairy farmer in various corporate matters
  • Represent automotive supplier in refinancing business and personal loans

May 2015:

  • Represent seller in sale of office building (Detroit)
  • Advise buyer in planning acquisition of office building (Ann Arbor)
  • Represent university in acquisition of medical office facility in Detroit

April 2015:

  • Act as Receiver’s counsel in court ordered receivership matter (restaurant)
  • Assist corporate client with dissolution and wind-up of corporation
  • Represent medical billing company in business dispute
  • Represent seller in sale of prominent medical office building

March 2015:

  • Represent seller in sale of business (insurance agency) to insurance carrier
  • Represent borrower in CMBS loan refinancing
  • Advise minority shareholder of rights in potential business divorce
  • Prepare confidentiality agreement on behalf of business owner in connection with sale of business
  • Represent landlord in dispute with tenant (destruction of rental property)

February 2015:

  • Assist nonprofit with zoning and use restriction issues for property in Florida
  • Conduct creditor’s examination on behalf of lender
  • Represent landlord in eviction lawsuit
  • Draft purchase agreement for vacant lot on behalf of developer

January 2015:

  • Represent borrower in CMBS loan refinancing
  • Reorganize LLC (redemption agreements and admission agreements)
  • Represent developer in establishing new condominium project
  • Collateralize loan (mortgage, pledge agreements, UCC)
  • Represent lender in lawsuit against borrowers based on nonpayment
  • Prepare amendment to master deed and replat

December 2014:

  • Assist bank client with exercising remedies set forth in loan documents
  • Represent seller in asset sale transaction (medical billing)
  • Represent home buyer in land contract transaction
  • Assist large tenant with obtaining letters of credit for two leases
  • Represent seller in sale of apartment complex

November 2014:

  • Organize new LLC on behalf of medical practice
  • Prepare several subleases on behalf of anchor tenant (medical office building)
  • Incorporate new condominium association and prepare condominium documents
  • Negotiate complex commercial lease on behalf of large, regional tenant
  • Wind down and dissolve LLCs

October 2014:

  • Prepare mineral deeds for client in connection with estate planning
  • Advise client on sale of building and proposed amendments to operating agreement
  • Work with client on obtaining approval for lot split (Birmingham)
  • Prepare complaint for damages; breach of loan documents
  • Prepare application package to Veterans Administration for loan approval

September 2014:

  • Prepare triple net lease
  • Prepare confidentiality agreement in connection with buyout of minority business owner
  • Assist client with sale of Biggby Coffee franchise
  • Prepare Redemption Agreement and related documents
  • Negotiate lease for space in Chicago area (anchor tenant)

August 2014:

  • Consult with client regarding mineral rights in North Dakota
  • Prepare schedules for Asset Purchase Agreement ($235M)
  • Negotiate buyout of minority interest holder and prepare all legal documents
  • Prepare operating agreement and buy-sell agreement for new company
  • Bring company back into good standing in the State of Michigan

July 2014:

  • Prepare key-employee Employment Agreement
  • Assist landlord in eviction of tenant (commercial)
  • Prepare lease extension agreement
  • Attend H.O.A. meeting as general counsel
  • Review of loan documents on refinancing of gas station

June 2014:

  • Assist buyer with purchase of manufacturing facility (automotive)
  • Prepare addendum to lease (medical office building)
  • Prepare motion for summary disposition on behalf of lender plaintiff
  • Assist client with post-judgment collection efforts
  • Prepare title objection letter on behalf of buyer

May 2014:

  • Prepare property management agreement for medical office building
  • CMBS loan (small medical office building)
  • Prepare schedules for Asset Purchase Agreement ($94M)
  • Prepare memorandum to client regarding potential lawsuit for malicious prosecution and abuse of process
  • Amend commercial office lease for anchor tenant

April 2014:

  • CMBS loan (large medical office building)
  • Prepare Hart Scott Rodino filing for transaction with publicly traded company
  • Prepare residential lease and all related documents
  • Assist condominium association with preparation of liens
  • Form new LLC and prepare operating agreement

March 2014:

  • Assist client with starting Jimmy John’s franchise
  • CMBS loan (apartment complex)
  • Represent landlord in eviction matter (residential)
  • Negotiate lease for commercial property on Old Woodward Ave.
  • Represent bank in loan workout

February 2014:

  • Represent tenant in dispute with landlord (residential)
  • Assist lead attorney in expert witness matter (M&A lawsuit)
  • Act as local counsel for national big-box retailer
  • Hired to represent seller in sale of large, developed parcel in Orion Twp.
  • Prepare operating agreement for new real estate holding company

January 2014:

  • Hired by buyer in sale of gas station/convenience store
  • Hired to represent bank in civil forfeiture case (loan collateral seized by I.R.S.)
  • Assist lead counsel in refinancing of major hotel ($15 million)
  • Loan review on behalf of bank client to determine if loan is undercollateralized
  • Represent dentist in formation of practice

December 2013:

  • Represent national college fraternity in corporate restructuring
  • Represent condominium association in post-judgment matters; amendments to condominium documents
  • Hired by condominium association to tend to eviction and collections matters
  • Assist bank client in dispute with IRS over collateralized bank accounts
  • Dissolve Michigan corporation

November 2013:

  • Prepare compliance opinion regarding the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act
  • Represent seller in sale of office building, downtown Detroit
  • Prepare letter of intent for purchase of bank branch, east Detroit
  • Research and draft Motion for Summary Judgment, Federal Court

October 2013:

  • Prepare commercial lease (medical office building)
  • Assist landlord with commercial eviction matter
  • Assist building owner with sale of 50% of building on land contract
  • Prepare Motion for Summary Judgment in federal court case
  • Draft Agency Agreement for client in automotive industry
  • Assist food wholesaling client with FDA recall procedures
  • Prepare memorandum discussing IRS section 1031 exchange issues

September 2013:

  • Prepare employment agreements for two key employees
  • Assist homeowner in sale of second home ($3+ million)
  • Prepare settlement agreement to resolve business litigation dispute
  • Advise tenant on office lease agreement
  • Represent business owner in bankruptcy adversary proceeding to disgorge funds

August 2013:

  • Prepare pleading in receivership matter supporting motion to close receivership
  • Represent junior lienholder in land sale transaction with State Land Bank
  • Assist film production company with corporate start-up and independent contractor agreement
  • Represent successor franchisee in sale of massage franchise (single location)
  • Represent interested party in probate dispute

July 2013:

  • Defend large retail tenant in eviction matter and subsequent Circuit Court action for damages
  • Work with title company to clear title on vacant land sale
  • Prepare settlement documents for recently resolved family dispute (3 companies and 2 families)
  • Represent hotel owner in refinancing and restructuring of mortgage
  • Co-counsel for seller in IP transaction ($11 million)

June 2013:

  • Procure Uniform Residential Security Deposit Bond for major Birmingham landlord
  • Review of proposed loan documents for refinancing of gas station loan
  • Prepare settlement agreement, promissory note and consent judgment in landlord/tenant matter
  • Assist partner with commercial arbitration (2 day arbitration)
  • Review title work; cure title defects; and prepare Quit Claim Deed for land sale transaction

May 2013:

  • Prepare joint exhibit binder for arbitration hearing
  • Prepare pre-hearing arbitration statement
  • Represent owner in major refinancing for apartment complex in Birmingham
  • Advise franchisee of title defects in proposed new space for franchise
  • Retrieve letter of credit and exchange for personal guaranty (gasoline supply contract)

April 2013:

    • Assist condominium homeowner’s association in dispute over common elements
    • Prepare master services agreement for new business (medical billing and coding)
    • Organize new company and prepare Operating Agreement
    • Assist partner with arbitration of business dispute (breach of contract)
    • Assist client with revisions to homeowner’s association governing documents

March 2013:

      • Represent Landlord in eviction actions (2)
      • Assist purchaser with Land Contract transaction
      • Prepare master lease for apartment complex located on major college campus
      • Prepare Motion for Summary Disposition in breach of contract case
      • Prepare Motion for Summary Disposition in unlawful termination case

February 2013:

      • Assist anchor tenant in dispute with landlord regarding estoppel certificate and SNDA
      • Represent franchisee in obtaining space for new business; negotiation of lease and build-out
      • Hired to represent Trust in sale of vacant land in North Dakota, with retention of mineral rights
      • Prepare comprehensive confidentiality agreement in favor of high-profile family for use with contractors
      • Prepare indemnification agreement as part of refinancing of prominent hotel

January 2013:

      • Represent vendee in land contract transaction; form purchasing entity and prepare operating agreement
      • Perform creditor’s exams (2)
      • Represent landlord in eviction matters (2)
      • Initiate proceedings for forfeiture of land contract
      • Assist bank with title policy claim against title company
      • Prepare response to Motion for Reconsideration (at Court’s request)
      • Represent condominium co-owner is dispute with condo association (Florida)

December 2012:

      • Attend case evaluation hearing on behalf of bank client (suit on note)
      • Defend client in lawsuit alleging R.I.C.O. violations
      • Work with title company to remove exceptions from Schedule B on sale of small building
      • Assist client in refinancing business loans (medical office building)
      • Prepare commercial lease for collision shop
      • Prepare complete set of Note Sale Agreements and all related documents
      • Prepare promissory notes (6) in connection with closely-held company buy-sell agreement

November 2012:

      • Advise client on several equipment leases
      • Represent tenant in responding to request for estoppel affidavit
      • Prepare case evaluation summary in complex commercial dispute
      • Assist client in developing legal framework for sale of dairy farm
      • Prepare amendment to Master Deed for condominium project
      • Prepare reply in support of Motion for Summary Judgment
      • Prepare reply in support of Motion for Summary Disposition

October 2012:

      • Represent bank in sale of note and security documents
      • Conduct auction to sell assets of bankruptcy estate to satisfy bank debt
      • Prepare complaint for violation of Michigan foreclosure laws
      • Assist client with donation of land to major University
      • Represent client in negotiating equipment lease

September 2012:

      • Conduct creditor’s examination
      • On behalf of major creditor, negotiate sale and bidding procedures in bankruptcy matter
      • Prepare non-disclosure agreement
      • Negotiate early lease termination on behalf of tenant
      • Prepare Creative Agency Agreement
      • Prepare radio station lease on behalf of radio station
      • Prepare motion for summary disposition on breach of contract lawsuit

August 2012:

      • Represent landlord in eviction action and claims against guarantors
      • Prepare amendments to Master Deed for large condominium project
      • Prepare Buy-Sell Agreement for major physician practice group
      • Research and prepare Daubert motion in complex commercial dispute
      • Research and prepare Summary Judgment motion
      • Coordinate with FAA to perfect client security interest in aircraft

July 2012:

      • Represent tenant in dispute with ground lessor
      • Assist client with acquiring insurance for coastal property on the east coast of Florida
      • Prepare amendment to Master Deed for developer client in connection with condominium expansion
      • Prepare and file lien against condominium unit
      • Represent landlord in eviction/damages action against tenant

June 2012:

      • Advise client on dispute with anchor tenant over rent and use restrictions
      • Advise senior attorney on procedures for approving appeal rights in complex business dispute
      • Prepare discovery requests for bank client in lawsuit against borrowers
      • Prepare and file UCC-1 financing statements
      • Prepare management agreement for mobile home park

May 2012:

      • Assist condominium developer with FHA recertification
      • Perform creditor’s examination
      • Prepare damages model is multi-million dollar lawsuit against well-known bank
      • Negotiate settlement agreements in mortgage fraud lawsuits

April 2012:

      • Negotiation of listing agreement with real estate broker for sale of mineral rights in North Dakota
      • Represent 501(c)(3) entity in acquisition of gulf coast property on Pine Island in Lee County, Florida
      • Represent developer in dispute with city over successor developer issues
      • Prepare amendment to commercial lease and note and security agreement for past-due rent

January 2012:

      • Prepare estoppel affidavits, SNDAs, and perform due diligence on transaction for sale of assets
      • Assist client in collection of unclaimed property located in North Dakota
      • Negotiate deed-in-lieu transaction for client; advise as to tax implications
      • Assist lead counsel with preparation of schedules and exhibits for Asset Purchase Agreement

December 2011:

      • Catalogue and convey mineral rights to client’s living trust
      • Prepare answer, affirmative defenses, and response to Motion for Preliminary Injunction in non-competition and tortious interference case
      • Prepare answer, affirmative defenses, and Motion for Summary Disposition in mortgage fraud case
      • Represent physician practice group in $7 million refinancing transaction
      • Generate subleases (5) for medical office building sublandlords

November 2011:

      • Research and prepare response to Motion to Vacate Arbitration Award
      • Prepare liquidation agreement (high-performance speedboats)
      • Consult with clients regarding several oil and gas leases in North Dakota
      • Assist partners with refinancing project on $4 million loan (Comerica)
      • Research and prepare response to Motion for Preliminary Injunction

October 2011:

      • Appear in Federal District Court in Raleigh, North Carolina for a three-day, Court-ordered mediation with Magistrate Judge David Daniel (300+ plaintiffs; 40+ defendants)
      • Prepare Motion to confirm and enter arbitration award
      • Prepare corporate resolutions to pay dividends and redeem outstanding stock
      • Research and prepare 16-count complaint in shareholder oppression caset
      • Provide research, file review, and drafting support on sale of 16 franchises valued at $40+ million

September 2011:

      • Prepare residential promissory note, mortgage and related loan documents
      • Prepare funding documents for Living Trust
      • Prepare commercial office lease and related documents
      • Residential eviction and supplementary suit for damages
      • Memorandum regarding Service members Civil Relief Act for contentious litigation

August 2011:

      • Prepare residential lease for prominent Birmingham home near S. Old Woodward
      • Assist client with funding of Q-TIP trust with various real property assets
      • Counsel clients regarding oil & gas lease for land located near Livonia, Michigan
      • Prepare requests for admission, interrogatories, and requests for production in breach of guaranty lawsuit
      • Counsel clients on available post-judgment remedies on $500,000.00 judgment, and make recommendations regarding same

July 2011:

      • Prepare and file land contract forfeiture action, and prepare motion for summary disposition on issue of possession; defend frivolous motion for change of venue
      • Prepare and file lawsuit for breach of guaranty
      • Register 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization with Attorney General’s Office
      • Prepare objections to Magistrate’s Judge’s recommendations under Rule 72(b)
      • Advise client on business dispute amongst LLC members
      • Advise clients regarding oil and gas lease

June 2011:

      • Prepare and file lawsuit against guarantors on bank note
      • Facilitate workout with bank and borrowers
      • Prepare response to Federal Rule 12(b)(6) Motion to Dismiss
      • Prepare escrow agreement on behalf of escrow agent
      • Assist condominium association with collection of dues from co-owners

May 2011:

      • Prepare and file mortgage discharges
      • Prepare and file lawsuit for breach of guaranty
      • Assist client with garnishments
      • Business divorce with mutual settlement and release agreement
      • Assist client regarding tax dispute with Michigan Department of Treasury

April 2011:

      • Prepare commercial sublease
      • Arbitration of damage claims in $5,000,000.00 U.C.C. Article 9 case
      • Foreclosure of commercial property

March 2011:

      • Prepare covenant deed for vacant property; work with title company to remove exceptions from title commitment
      • Respond to FRCP 12(b)(6) motion to dismiss
      • Prepare motion for summary disposition with request for sanctions (circuit court)
      • Prepare and file construction lien

February 2011:

      • Draft commercial lease for commercial property in downtown Birmingham
      • Assist condominium association with collection problems
      • Work with homeowner to comply with local building code requirements
      • Prepare evidentiary pleadings and motions in U.C.C. arbitration matter
      • Advise major Michigan food firm with labeling requirements under FD&C Act
      • Prepare dispository motion in insurance coverage case on behalf of lender loss payee

January 2011:

    • $1,000,000.00 Land contract forfeiture; commercial property
    • Eviction of commercial tenant
    • Creation of Family LLC; arrange for valuation of assets; transfer of assets to LLC
    • Business divorce with mutual settlement and release agreement
    • Initiate lawsuit in federal court against major financial institutions for violations of R.I.C.O and I.L.S.A. statutes
    • Review and advise on oil and gas lease for land in North Dakota
    • Initiate lawsuit for regional bank client; breach of note and guaranty