J. Travis Mihelick

Pontiac Silverdome demolition could start this summer

The Pontiac Silverdome could face a wrecking ball in the next six weeks, city officials confirmed Friday.

As part of a consent agreement an Oakland County judge signed in March, owners of the long-empty site’s had to have selected a contractor by May 12, and that firm had until Friday to submit a permit application and demolition start date.

Triple Investment Group LLC, which has owned the property since 2009, last month retained Detroit-based Adamo Group as the contractor. A demolition permit was provided to Pontiac Thursday along with permit fees and performance bonds, said J. Travis Mihelick, an attorney for the city.

“Because of the significant size of the project, the city and the owner are in the process of finalizing the scope of work that is part of the application, which I anticipate to be completed shortly,” he told The Detroit News on Friday. “The owner is in the process of finalizing the utility disconnects, which we are hopeful will be completed in the next few weeks. The parties are optimistic of potentially having a mid-July start date.”

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Pontiac Silverdome to be demolished after agreement reached between mayor, stadium owner

Pontiac City Attorney J. Travis Mihelick said the Silverdome has reached a point in which the city believed it was a safety risk. He said it was a destination for vandalism and mischief.

“The city is satisfied with the judgment and believes the measures taken will not only make the property safer, but also more aesthetically attractive,” Mihelick said. “Most importantly, we all believe it will be even more development-ready when the next opportunity emerges.”

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Silverdome owner denies responsibility for parked Volkswagens

Silverdome owner denies responsibility for parked Volkswagens

“The city will not continue to let violation after violation go unresolved,” J. Travis Mihelick, an attorney for the city, said in the letter. “We must have some productive movement, other than promises that have been repeated and broken time and again over the last several years.” Read More